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Core Edge Steel Lawn Edging

Core Edge Steel Pre-Rolled Garden Rings

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What People are Saying about Core Edge Steel Edging

"This is excellent and I wouldn't buy any other type of edging. Its strong, but you can bend it round curves if you want and it easily fits together. Also a nice choice of colours. I got black which am very pleased with. Keeps the edges lovely and straight and you can mow right up to and over the edges with no problem of ruining the edges. Really easy to put together and a very good service provided."

"Fantastic product- sturdy, well built and hopefully long lasting- the powder coating should see off any potential rust for many years to come."

"Recently purchased some metal edging strips in Slate 100mm , and after installation has greatly improved the appearance of a tired garden, the grass seems more vibrant against the ultra new look of the dark edging."